Taz's Story

You hear that Kokoda is tough. . . but nothing will ever prepare you for the challenge that trek presents. Simply hearing the words “Kokoda” should bring people to their knees! It is definitely more mental that physical but demanding in every way. Ultimately, that’s the attraction. It wouldn’t be Kokoda if it didn’t push you to your limits. I re-connected with a friend, Alex who I hadn’t seen in over 3 years, we’d both found the same kokoda trekking company and expressed our interest. So we chatted and decided it was on- 3 weeks to prep and go. (Thank the gods we are both crazy determined and fit) We opted for the 6 day trek carrying our own gear (although on day 5 which turned into a 12 hour trekking day- I conceded my need to get to camp before 10pm and be able to walk on the last day was more important than my ego, so I had help with the tent for the last 3 hours) The trek was absolutely phenomenal- every vertical up, seemingly endless down, the scorching sun, gripping mud, cold mornings, rain and slippery river crossing, it’s all part of the journey. There are times when you can’t even see the top (or bottom) of where you are going- you just have to look straight at your feet and all you can think about is just putting one foot in front of the other. Our trek leader “Tony” was incredible, he said, when the trail get’s tough the people yell “yu giaman” (YOU LIE) to the trail- as if the mountains are deceiving you into thinking you will not make it. No one would start that trek if they didn’t intend to finish. The history of the trail and the scenery is spellbinding. The villages and the resilience and resourcefulness of the people who live there is so inspiring. I would not trade this experience for anything and can not wait to do it again (maybe going down Imita range!) with my son when he is older. The sense of accomplishment when you complete these 96kms is unparalleled. An eternal source of respect and inspiration to everyone who has done or plans to do this trek, as well as all of my clients at XL Personal Training. Thank you for an incredible life changing 6 days, we will forever remember them! Taz

MAY 2016