Jenny's Story

From the first time I spoke to Aidan Grimes at Our Spirit I knew I had mad the right choice. My father was in New Guinea during WW2 and although he didn’t fight on the Kokada Track plenty of his mates did. I remembered meeting some of them as a child and I came home with such an understanding of why some of them were the way they were and why my dad put up with their indiscretions and cared for them!! It was one of the hardest things I have ever tackled and quite often wondered what I was thinking!! But WOW what an experience. Since doing Kokada I have gone on and walked the Camino all 800 k’s of it!! Just goes to show you can do anything with the right attitude and the right people to help you. My latest adventure is buying a horse. What next, well I’m only 60 so who knows maybe The Black Cat next!

APR 2013