Dean's Story

I was walking up an enormous hill to Brigade Hill, behind the slowest person in the group that I was helping this day. And then the heavens opened up, and it pissed rain on us for 4 hours up this never ending hill. This walker was the slowest person I’ve ever seen or walked with, two steps forward then stop for a minute, two steps forward then stop for a minute. It took hours to get up this never ending hill, in the tropical pissing rain. Everything I owned in my pack, except my sleeping bag that was in my bivvi bag was completely saturated. I got to the top of the hill, and some of the other trekkers in the group, who had been up the top for hours, had a fire going, under the hastily erected shelters, and we all stood around trying our best to dry our things. That was the longest day of my life!! The next day we conducted a solemn service at Brigade Hill and learnt about the history of this amazing battle, forgetting about the terrible rain the previous day! It’s moments like this that make all the walking definately worth it.

APR 2015