Indiana's Story

After winning the award that was given to me this opened up my eyes to some unforgettable things, like what the diggers had to go through the heat the mud the rain and everything else really changed my views and to have the opportunity to walk in their foot steps in incredible. I knew that it wouldn’t be easy to walk the 100km track, but just remembering how the diggers did it I knew I couldn’t give up, so I kept my sprits high, singing classic Aussie songs, AFL club songs and any other songs we could think of.


At the end of every day I would just lay in my sleeping bag and just think how lucky we are as a country. I also thought of how good life is for the local villagers even though they very little, they still enjoy life. During my trek I was lucky enough to meet a fuzzy wuzzy angle, I still can’t get over how knowledgeable he was, it was great just to listen to all the stories he had.


After arriving at Kokoda I had the feeling of pride knowing that I have just completed one of the hardest things that I will face in my life and knowing what the ANZACs had to go through really changed everything I knew about the war.
By the end I learnt that I can respect the ANZACs by doing my hardest and trying my best in everything I attempt.

JUN 2012