Bernadette's Story

My husband & I trekked with 100% Kokoda, Cam is the owner & the guide you will trek with, he ensures you are fully immersed in the real Kokoda experience from the get go. First he sets the scene the night before in the comfort of a five star resort, along the journey he uses his Army expertise to retell the harrowing battle stories that occurred on the hallowed ground, you get the real deal. Cam, a serving Major, explains the battle strategies so you can picture being there in the moment & can appreciate the harsh conditions our diggers suffered. Cam’s team of porters are wonderful, we could not have done it without them, beautiful soulful people who are proud to work for 100%. This was a trip of a life time, we had so much fun along the way, and made life long friends, the evening gatherings were amazing and I think a real point of difference to other trekking companies. I can not recommend 100% Kokoda highly enough.

SEP 2017