Mehdi's Story

On the 6 July, A group of 14 amazing people from all around Australia and I had the honour to walk in the footsteps of our fallen heroes B Coy 39 Bn “Lest we forget”. On the 75th Anniversary of The Kokoda Campaign, we literally walked in the footsteps of Australian heroes, dressing in the same uniform, wearing the same leather boots, eating the same world war 2 food rations and camping in the same campsite as they once did. David and Shane the tour guides did a fantastic job keeping the team together through thick and thin and provide support when ever asked for. Not growing up with anything to do with ANZAC or anything with Australia and only moving in Australia in 2015, This opportunity and experience had taught me a great lesson about life and most importantly about Australian soldiers and Australian morals and values. I would requirement anyone reading this to once walk the Kokoda track because of its rich history and also it is a great life lesson one can have.

JUL 2017