Cam's Story

On July 19 2016, I completed one of the toughest experiences of my life so far. I crossed beneath the arches at Ower’s Corner. It had been mentally and physically exhausting, but in my heart, I knew that it was nothing compared to what the Diggers of 1942 faced. Our Spirit leader, Aidan Grimes, had eloquently portrayed the stories of remarkable Australians and Papua New Guineans, like Bruce Kingsbury, and how they displayed all four of the characteristics of the Kokoda track, Courage, Mateship, Endurance and Sacrifice.

The trek was incredibly rewarding, with lifelong memories made, as well as new friends to share them with. Although I was both mentally and physically drained at the end of it, I would have turned around and walked straight back to Kokoda, if it meant I could do it again.

I have already begun gathering friends and family to complete it again with me in the coming years.

JUL 2016