Janine's Story

Finally a moment to sit now and reflect. OMG… I actually did it! I trekked the Kokoda Track. I walked well over 96 kilometres through slippery ankle deep mud, pouring rain, stumbled over enormous tree roots, climbed up hills that felt like they had no end… and slid down hills that almost broke my knees….I cried.. lots… laughed with beautiful people …. remembered lives lost.. listened to voices of Angels… saw the most spectacular scenery… then Kokoda tested me even more… with every step I faced myself. Was it life changing? Yes. Was it tough?… yes.. bloody tough. But.. the people with me and the PNG crew were the most kindest… supportive.. and generous of souls. It was an experience like nothing… nothing…. I have ever done. Memories of the Kokoda Track will stay and live within me forever.

NOV 2016