Dannica's Story

Day four was the hardest day I have ever endured, EVER! After three massive days of my body getting used to walking up and down, up and down, and feeling pain like it had never felt pain before, we had to tackle the biggest, most distressing day of our trip. And even though we hit the half way point, it was hard to be happy because you knew you still had the same distance to go on the other side of that sign. I cried from start to finish on this day. It was either all up or all down and there was no relief. My body hurt, I would have been happy to chop off my feet, and we had to send one of our fellow supervisors home due to medical reasons. Yet this is the day I am most thankful for. I learned that I can push myself past my limits, I can keep going when I have nothing left, and I can still remain positive even when I am feeling completely hopeless at the same time. It was the day I learned what my strengths were.

JUL 2016