Charlotte's Story

When asked to describe our Kokoda track experience I find it incredibly hard. How do you begin to explain the breathtaking scenery, the importance of its history, the amazing kindness of our porters, the constant laughter and unforgettable memories we shared and, of course, the actual track? I walked the Kokoda track over seven days with eight fathers and daughters, guided by Richard James and an incredible team of porters. We had been told how hard the trek was, but nothing can really prepare you for the never-ending hills covered in slippery mud which made every step a nightmare. We joked along the track that to fully prepare yourself you’d need to put your hiking gear and boots on, get in the shower for ten minutes until you were completely soaked, and then walk some vertical hills. Although the trekking was tough, when we thought about the soldiers hiking with full uniform and weapons, sometimes not having eaten for days, with a powerful Japanese army shooting at them, we had no right to complain. I found one of the most incredible parts of the Kokoda experience the rich history which surrounded us along the track. Standing on the Isurava Battle site it really hit me how much the Australian soldiers had stood together and sacrificed to protect our country. There were so many more unforgettable moments which made walking the Kokoda track by far the best experience of my life.

SEP 2014