Tour Operators

Kokoda is different for everyone who does it, so finding a trusted and professional tour operator who suits your particular needs is crucial in making your Kokoda experience as fulfilling as possible.

Having been through a rigorous application process, this list of tour operators are licenced by the Kokoda Track Authority to operate on the Kokoda Trail.

You’ll find information about different operators, their experience, their offering and the type of trekkers they cater to.

You can also read the experiences of their past trekkers.

Please research each operator thoroughly and read their past trekker stories to find the perfect one for you or your group.

Once you’ve selected your tour operator, head over to our Plan Your Trek page for information and answers to the questions that you have about doing Kokoda.

1 - No Roads Expeditions 74 stories

No Roads Expeditions

No Roads prides itself on its comprehensive expedition packages of the Kokoda Track. Our expeditions cover both the Australian History as well as its social, cultural and natural history. See why our reputation precedes us with the best trek crews, facilities, guides and packages. 

2 - Back Track Adventures 58 stories

Back Track Adventures

Brisbane based, Back Track Adventures have operated treks all over the world for 30 years and Kokoda treks since 2002. We have an office in Port Moresby and our Kokoda treks are accompanied by Australian guides and a local PNG crew. Back Track’s Kokoda treks follow a sensible, 9-day itinerary.

3 - Kokoda Trekking 32 stories

Kokoda Trekking

Kokoda Trekking is the most experienced Kokoda tour company on the trail. When you are travelling to one of the world’s most rugged natural landscapes, you need peace of mind that you will be safe and well looked after and that you’ll have an incredible journey. We can give you that, and have for thousands of Australians.

4 - Kokoda Historical 31 stories

Kokoda Historical

Kokoda Historical provides the complete living history experience; we focus not only on the adventure of the trek itself, but also on experiencing the history first hand. Our pricing is very competitive and safety is our number one priority. Our emphasis is on small groups and the historical significance of the Kokoda Track and the Kokoda campaign.

5 - Australian Kokoda Tours 30 stories

Australian Kokoda Tours

Australian Kokoda Tours concentrates solely on Kokoda and we pride ourselves on our personalised service for each trekker. We have a 100% successful trekker completion rate.

Our passion about the history and story behind Kokoda will provide you with the experience of a lifetime.

6 - South Sea Horizons 28 stories

South Sea Horizons

A brotherly bond forged between the Anzacs and our Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels is what SSH proudly maintains.

It’s been our privilege to host 30+ Kokoda expeditions since 2008.

Our professional guides are First Aid Certified and always have a Radio and Sat Phone.

Our tours are a lasting memory so come join us and experience the real PNG!! 

7 - Adventure Kokoda 22 stories

Adventure Kokoda

Our mission is to get you safely across the Kokoda Track and ensure you have an unforgettable historical, cultural and environmental experience. Over the past 22 years we have organised 400 expeditions and led more than 4500 trekkers over the track. Our leaders are experts in both the history of the Kokoda campaign and emergency management.

8 - Kokoda Spirit 21 stories

Kokoda Spirit

To walk in the footsteps of heroes is powerful and humbling. Kokoda Spirit is Australia and PNG’s most respected and professional company trekking Kokoda. Walking Kokoda with Kokoda Spirit across the wartime Kokoda Trail is a life changing and empowering experience. We see things as explorers, historians and adventurers.

9 - On Track Expeditions 19 stories

On Track Expeditions

On Track Expeditions are specialists in Kokoda History. Our Australian trek leaders are historians, not just tour guides. We have published books on the history of the track, written veterans' biographies, served overseas in the Australian Army, and worked closely with the Australian War Memorial. 

We also use a unique business model, endorsed by the 'Kokoda Initiative' of the Aus & PNG Governments, working in partnership with a locally-owned tour operator to empower the people of PNG to truly benefit from Australian interest our shared heritage.

10 - Getaway Trekking 17 stories

Getaway Trekking

Over the past 17 years, Getaway Trekking has established a reputation for leading culturally and ecologically sensitive treks in many destinations. Our vast experience in trekking, combined with our understanding of local culture has contributed to us becoming a leader in the trekking area.

11 - Kokoda Trail Expeditions 16 stories

Kokoda Trail Expeditions

Kokoda Trail Expeditions is a Sydney-based Kokoda trekking and Papua New Guinea tour company specialised in providing safe, affordable & eco-friendly Kokoda Trail treks and PNG tours (Kokoda, Rabaul, Tufi and Milne Bay).

12 - Our Spirit Adventures 8 stories

Our Spirit Adventures

Our Spirit Adventures have 21 years’ experience in delivering the most comprehensive historical PNG treks with integrity and an unrivalled success and safety record. Our clients are supported by a 3-month preparation program, so they can fully appreciate the cultural, physical, emotional and mental challenge of these journeys in the footsteps of the ANZAC diggers and Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels on the Kokoda Track and beyond.

13 - Escape Trekking Adventures 5 stories

Escape Trekking Adventures

Escape Trekking Adventures  specialise in Kokoda treks including the Northern Beaches, as well as other treks in Papua New Guinea and abroad. With Australian & PNG management, we provide both Australian and locally led treks, as well as building projects. Our experienced team guide trekkers to share in the history, culture, beauty and adventure of Papua New Guinea. We invite you to come trek with us...

14 - Peregrine 5 stories


Peregrine works with a local co-operative to ensure villages and communities benefit directly from visitors walking the Kokoda track. To walk in the footsteps of the soldiers and learn what they endured from the people who helped them helps turn a mentally and physically challenging trek into an emotional journey as well – and makes Kokoda all the more rewarding.  

15 - Kokoda Brothers 4 stories

Kokoda Brothers

Kokoda Brothers Pty Ltd is a family run company named in honour of the two Bisset brothers who fought on the Kokoda track. Both men epitomised the young Australian men fighting for their country during World War II. Kokoda Brothers strives to convey the spirit and sacrifice these men represent as we take our clients on the journey of a lifetime over the Owen Stanley Track.

16 - PNG Trekking Adventures 3 stories

PNG Trekking Adventures

PNG Trekking Adventures is an inbound licensed tourism company based in Port Moresby since 1990. Pam & Mark, the principals of the company, have a wide knowledge and understanding of local conditions, customs and traditions.

PNGTA approaches adventures in PNG on a personal level, focusing on the individual Kokoda experience for all their guests.

17 - KoTrek 2 stories


We are a fun, energetic adventure tour company passionate about the Kokoda Trail, Papua New Guinea, and its rich culture and history. KoTrek is driven by the opportunity to share our vast professional experience and expert local knowledge through personalised, tailor-made tour packages designed to make this a truly unforgettable experience.

18 - Boomerang Adventures 2 stories

Boomerang Adventures

Boomerang Adventures offers unique treks along the Kokoda Trail. We want you to gain the full experience in small groups where the culture and the people are as important as the war history and the challenge. We are the only company providing two nights in a traditional village so you have time to spend with the locals and experience how they live.

19 - Kokoda Campaign Tours 1 story

Kokoda Campaign Tours

Kokoda Campaign Tours offers a unique trekking experience with a full historical insight of the Kokoda Campaign. Our Australian led tours include a fully qualified paramedic to ensure our services are of the highest standards and our trekkers have a safe, rewarding and enjoyable trekking experience.

20 - Adventure Bound Tours 1 story

Adventure Bound Tours

Adventure Bound Tours is a family run business which has developed over the years to be a professional business able to cater for all ages and fitness levels. We are dedicated to client service and hold safety as our number one priority. Each of us brings unique experiences, knowledge and skills to ensure that every aspect of your adventure has an expert taking care of your needs and planning your experience. We are the Adventure professionals.

21 - Executive Excellence 1 story

Executive Excellence

Founded by former senior members of the Australian Army, Executive Excellence are passionate about delivering to you an experience of a lifetime. Your safety is our priority; we respectfully deliver military briefings from a wealth of knowledge. EE are a team of professionals working together with the Kokoda Track Foundation for sustainable projects.

22 - Kokoda Tribute

Kokoda Tribute

Live history and culture trekking through the jungle and villages of Papua New Guinea with an intimate group. We are committed to supporting local education and employment. We actively assist in pre-trek preparation to maximise the quality of your appreciation and experience of the Kokoda Track. Every trek includes an experienced Australian tour leader and personal Papuan guides.

23 - Ecotourism Melanesia

Ecotourism Melanesia

Ecotourism Melanesia operates medium-paced, small group treks for those of us mere mortals who know that slow and steady wins the race. We encourage our trekkers and our local carriers to walk together, not apart. Our trekking groups stay in village guesthouses and eat local food where possible, instead of camping with ration packs.

24 - Geckos Adventures

Geckos Adventures

The World is a crazy place. If you’re ready to see it, Geckos will throw you straight in the deep end: Eat weird food, ride public transport and stay in locally run places.

Gecko Adventures partner with a local operator in a co-operative structure involving 11 villages along the Kokoda Track with all the porters and guides coming from villages along Kokoda who are direct descendants of the fabled "Fuzzie-Wuzzies."

25 - Intrepid


At Intrepid, we’re committed to a style of travel that benefits our travellers and communities. Every year, we take more than 100,000 travellers around the world on small group adventures that provide unforgettable real life experiences for all budgets. Our trips along the Kokoda Track aren’t a holiday, they are a chance to challenge your body and spirit. To travel to Kokoda is to understand that, no matter how deep the jungle, or how steep the trail – courage and mateship will always prevail. Although Australians hear the call of Kokoda the loudest, the friendly smiles of passing locals, the promise of new friends and the sheer difficulty of the trek make the Kokoda Track a once-in-a lifetime experience for anyone who is up for the challenge.

26 - G.E.T Tours

G.E.T Tours

Schools and students benefit from G.E.T’s 50 years’ experience in the educational student tour market. Our ‘Young Leader Development Program’ inspires your students to become the next generation of outstanding citizens and community leaders, a powerful motivating force when combined with our cultural and social justice PNG program.

27 - World Expeditions

World Expeditions

World Expeditions is one of the world’s leading adventure travel companies offering ground breaking itineraries on every continent. The company has been operating small group trekking and adventure travel holidays since 1975, and have been operating Kokoda treks including the Northern Beaches for over 20 years. Our itineraries have been crafted to allow opportunities to embrace the history, local culture and spectacular scenery, as well as meeting the track’s physical challenges.