Justin's Story

Crossing through the famous metal arches shaped to the profile of the Owen Stanley Range had personal significance to each and every one of us, emotions running high and a level of relief knowing that the hardest part of the rest of the day will be sitting in the bus for a few hours. Following a photo session that would put the paparazzi to shame, a yummy filling lunch thanks to Jack and the team, and a drive back down to the Bomana Cemetery finished our trek with a sobering reminder about how terrible war is, the tremendous loss of life and terrible sacrifices everyone made. The words at Isurava say it all, Courage, Sacrifice, Mateship and Endurance.   

Smiles are my measure of success and there were lots of them.  Our porters smiled, Rob our local guide was smiling, and my trekkers were smiling.  I really enjoyed this expedition and together we forged new friendships and learn’t a lot. Many thanks to my friends in PNG both in Port Moresby and on the Kokoda Track, the No Roads team in Australia, and our thanks to all those men and women who protected us during World War II. 

JUL 2016