Kayla 's Story

Doing the Kokoda track has always been on my bucket list so for my 30th birthday myself my husband and my parents went for the first trek of the season which was absolutely life changing and beyond all our expectations. Even after all the reading we had done nothing prepared us for the phenomenal terrain of the Owen Stanley ranges. We were in our water shoes every day of the 8 day trek with our amazingly strong Buna boys having to make a bridge over the brown river for us to cross. The knowledge from our Getaway guides and the Buna boys about the war was fantastic and we all learnt so much more each day we were on the track. Since returning home I have changed the way I see life and have been told by multiple people how much I’ve changed for the better. Kokoda has effected me more than I could have imagined and I highly recommend this spectacular experience to everyone.

MAR 2017