Stephanie's Story

On the 16th of September in 2016 I embarked on an adventure of a lifetime with 12 of the best people you will ever meet. Ever since I came to the school in 2013 and heard about the Kokoda Trip that our school runs it has been my goal to be accepted to complete it. As soon as the forms went out I was quick to apply and soon later found out I had been accepted. We trained hard for 6 months before the day came that we got on that plane. The Kokoda experience was something that will forever be with me as well as the people and memories made on the trip. The humidity was unbearable when we got off the plane and that was the first and only time during the trip that I questioned if I was going to be able to finish the trek. During the trip we stopped at significant sites and read names of the fallen soldiers in that area and got told stories. Making it to a village every day was the biggest reward on the trip not only because we could finally rest and buy some twisties or fresh bananas and pineapple but because of the beautiful children and local people. Everyone was so generous and happy. It is amazing that although we do not speak the same language we can still laugh together and communicate.
Every day had its hard sections and unbelievably steep hills but without my amazing team who were so supportive and upbeat I would have struggled so much more. Our porters were truly amazing; so caring, generous and willing to try new things or get involved in games we were playing. I have never met anyone like the people that were on the trek, be it our porters or the local villagers. They were my highlight of the trip and what motivated me to continue. Our 8-day trek was the best 8 days of my life and to anyone thinking of completing the trip, I would highly recommend it as it’s a one in a lifetime opportunity that will change you forever.

SEP 2016