Paul's Story

Kokoda has always been on my bucket list, thankfully 5 years ago in the middle of outback W.A I met a great Aussie bloke named Mitch who shared that same goal. We stayed in close contact even though we lived and worked in different states. Then one day Mitch found a deal with Australian Kokoda Tours, he contacted them, was impressed, then called me and within 48 hours we were booked in.

The tour was spot on, our Australian and PNG local guides and porters were so enthusiastic and encouraging, giving us little challenges to really test ourselves. I thrived on the physical and mental challenge but still to this day cannot fathom how our diggers went through what they did, and for so long! It is mind blowing. You can read as much as you want on Kokoda (and I read 3 books before the tour) but nothing can paint a better picture than seeing and experiencing PNG than the trail itself. It is by far one of the most memorable and personal trips you can do for yourself.

One of my favourite highlights was playing touch footy with our guides and porters, so much fun! How they had that much energy after the work they do throughout the tour was amazing, and their positive spirit was contagious. I couldn’t highly recommend Australian Kokoda tours enough! One tip I would give is to be super positive, buy a really good inflatable mattress and give it to the porters on completion and also if you are a big eater, like myself, bring extra snacks as you need the energy to keep the body fuelled.

This really is a must do tour for all Australians to really appreciate why we are called “the Lucky Country” and the sacrifices that were made for us to enjoy the life that we live today

Lest we forget.

AUG 2017