Nicole 's Story

I walked the track with my sister to honour the steps of my grandfather. He was in the 2/31st he came home after his 3rd bout of malaria after we had reached the beachheads. He lost every loved one he enlisted with including his best mate Archie who was also in his battalion and after witnessing the horrors including Archie’s death he came home and never spoke about the war just kept working and supporting his family and living for everyone else. He has always kept in touch with Archie’s family and felt the loss of his brothers and brother in law. He just never shared the true horror. We as his kids and grandkids had to read about it. We all loved him immensely for what he did and never wanted to remind him so until he died in 2012 we never walked it as not to remind him. However he spoke of the fuzzy wuzzy’s and the beauty of the land of it had not been destroyed by war. My sister and I have always wanted to do this and so has my father but he was not able so we did it for him and the rest of our family and to find Archie at Bomana. The trek gave us closure and a wonderfully experience you could find no where else. We knew while walking that trek our grandad would be watching with his brothers and his mates and laughing at our stupidity and pain but we loved giving him that as well as honouring his hardwork and sacrifice.

APR 2015