Roslyn's Story

I’m a woman of 57 years, On the 19th August 2016 I have just completed the most moving, memorable experience of my lifetime trekking the Kokoda Trail from Owers Corner to Kokoda with Kokoda Trail Expeditions. Our Guide leader Arthur Danny was absolutely exceptional with his organisation and care, from the moment we flew into PNG to the time we entered through Customs to return to Australia 12 days later he was guiding our every step. His vast and informative knowledge of the battle sites and history of the trail was exceptional which he gladly shared with us and answered any questions we had. The team of porters were an absolute joy to be with – always smiling and happy to offer help at any moment of need, even when I thought I was Ok, if it wasn’t my amazingly patient personal porter Marcus’ hand to hang on to, there was always another there to give me support, always giving encouragement and a boost. The creation of filling, tasty & absolutely mouth watering meals has me salivating now remembering and the cleanliness was exceptional. Our safety and care was always top priority. You really do need to train and get as physically fit before you go. Both physically and mentally challenging, an emotional roller coaster the awareness & understanding of the dire and tragic circumstances our soldiers had to endure to maintain our freedom is truly inspirational and a true eye-opener, it doesn’t matter how much you read, you really need to experience it to truly understand. The welcoming from the people in the villages, the laughter and smiles of the people and the children, the harmonious songs and hymns we were so blessed to hear, they enveloped our group of 3 into their harmony of care & friendship and the memories will be held in my heart for life. I have nothing but praise for Kokoda Trail Expeditions, everything was perfectly organised, we had no injuries, the days were enduring and challenging but filled with information, encouragement and mateship – the best time of my life. Thank you John, Raphaella, Arthur, Michael, Danny, Marcus, Danny G, Mossy, Ray, Kahles, Graham. I can not put the depth of my feelings of gratitude and thanks in to words…You’re all in my heart forever. Ros

AUG 2016