Flynn's Story

My story began in late March where a paragraph on our online news feed was read out to the home group for students from year 10 to 12 to express interest for a possibility to walk the Kokoda Track. I jumped to the occasion and quickly did the sign up sheet to do the trek. Before I knew it we were in early May and I was elected with 11 other students to do the walk.

Soon after training schedules were put out for a Tuesday lunch time run and a 6:30am cardio session on Thursday before school (along with the sports we played outside of school). The first 6:30 Thursday training for me was probably the hardest training I ever went through because we had to work so many muscles, but at the time I was looking forward to be the fittest I have ever been, so the challenge was worth it.

A few months past and we were getting closer to the flight to PNG and the fitness levels were much better than the start, the whole group was counting down the days in nervous anticipation and getting the last few things we need to pack for the walk. Wednesday the 14th of September was the first day of Malaria Tablets for us and to me that made the feeling real and to be honest it made me nervous to think, did I pack all the right things? or, is my pack going to be too heavy?

September the 16th had arrived, after waking up at 4:00am we were off to the airport, I was awake and pumped for the plane ride because this was going to be my first plane ever. After saying our goodbyes we were on the plane and on our way to PNG. We touched down in PNG and easily the first thing that hit us was the humidity and heat because it felt like 37 degrees. After getting out of customs we went to our lodge had dinner and got an early night because we had to fly into Kokoda in the morning.

Overall the walk was over 8 days, This was easily the most physically and mentally demanding thing I have ever done! My highlight was giving gifts to all the village kids because they appreciated things like paper. A vortex which made me feel very lucky for what I have. Another highlight were the porters who were guiding us because we would not of made it without them and they were the best bunch of people I have met. Last highlight was the history involved with the walk, in a way it was very confronting walking along a battlefield but we won’t learn anything like that anywhere else but on the Kokoda Track. I’d like to thank The Duke Of Edinburgh for this opportunity and Ed and Lumby, our on track expedition leaders.

SEP 2016