Michelle 's Story

I have walked the Kokoda before so I knew what to expect. The SSH Team were absolutely brilliant in getting us to our destination each day.
My personal porters Ezra and Dros were wonderful. They were always by my side – one walking in front of me, and the other behind me. Ezra especially learnt quickly how to read me, and knew which places I would be unsure about, and which places I would be fine. If he put out his hand I knew to take it and step carefully in those places, but if he walked on I knew he knew I would be right. The Track can be very dangerous in places but I always felt safe with Ezra and Dros. It is amazing how sure-footed, strong and fit our personal porters are, as well as kind and caring.
My Highlights
1. The SSH Team led by Barnabas took such wonderful care of us. Barnabas is a great historian and it was good to hear him tell the stories of the Track.
2. The indescribable beauty of the Track. What an honour it as to walk the Track and experience nature at its finest – the mountains, the rivers, the vallies, the bird calls, the Track itself, as well as the beauty of monuments like Isurava and Brigade Hill. I would get lost in the moment while walking.
3. The traditional food, especially the chocko leaves, taro, bananas and kaukau. Organic, healthy and so delicious! It added to the wonderful Track experience.
I highly recommend South Sea Horizons to anyone who wishes to walk the Kokoda Track, and experience it through the eyes of our people. The Track can be dangerous in places but we always felt safe with our porters. They were strong, capable, encouraging, kind and funny. They are like family to us now.

JUL 2016