Greg's Story

I am Greg Chamberlain and a participant in one of the most amazing, humbling, life changing experiences with a bunch of people who will forever be in my heart and soul. The Trek – hardest thing I have completed in my near 50years…. even harder with a broken knee from day 2 on the trail. The constant climb and even steeper declines were character building and created a whole new meaning to testing the metal of ones strength!
The accomplishments- achieving the daily goals, learning of the history along the way, inspiring others to continue forward …. I am so forever grateful to the opportunity to share something so connecting – spiritually, emotionally and physically.
Olly – the man has done his research and imparts knowledge and history along the track like it should be delivered – as if we were there….. he has inspiration, leadership and vision.
Billy – an angel sent from heaven to provide the compensation and sensitivity to maintain harmony and love to the journey, the group and the individuals. She is the heartbeat of the team.
The porters – we were / are privileged to have one of the most professional proficient capable group of locals – descendants of the original Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels to assist, guide and inspire to achieve the outcome as one.
The family – a group of people aging 16-54 all with a vision to achieve a dream. This group is by far the greatest humans I have had the honour of working together with since leaving the military….. the youth aspiring to learn and us older folk with a vision to achieve…. I love this group unreservedly. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and will be there in a heart beat for any of group that needs assistance or support, as they gave me….
Life Saving

APR 2018