Liam 's Story

As an avid war historian Kokoda has always been a source of fascination and dreams for me but a dream that I felt I could never hope achieve.

But that all changed with the help of the Northern Territory Police Legacy (in co-operation with New South Wales Police Legacy), whom I have been apart of for 20 odd years after a vehicle accident took the life of my father. Legacy gave me to opportunity to fulfill one of my life’s greatest dreams….. To follow in the footsteps of the young diggers that went before me.

Despite over 5 months of solid training up local mountains (with weights) Kokoda was by far the most challenging adventure I have ever undertaken. Starting from Kokoda to Owers Corner, it took me 3 days to finally adjust to what the track had to throw at me. But I had an amazing group of people (28 in total) and the most amazing, open hearted locals to pick me up when I would fall, or rather slip, onto my backside.

From the memorial at Isurava, the japanese field position at Templetons crossing and the arch at Owers Corner to the Bomana cemetary on Anzac Day; Kokoda has been a roller-coaster ride of emotion and self-achievement that I would do many times over again.

APR 2016