Rob's Story

Great to see my photo here from the Jobs Australia Foundation Indigenous Youth Leadership Program trek with Aidan in 2014. I was the Jobs Australia photographer for the last part of that trek. Thanks to his encouragement I’m still inordinately proud that at the age of 72, (I was born on the day of the battle of Isurawa) I crossed the notorious Imita Ridge, twice in 3 days. The grave in Bomana War Cemetery, is that of Indigenous Australian soldier, Private Harry Saunders, the caressing hand that of IYLP trekker, Jacqueline Gibbs. With Duane Vickery, James Mundy Moreland, Brenden Petterson, Zac Romagnoli-Townsend, Tilman Lowe, Benjamin Shurley, Jodie Belyea, Royston Prasad, Laura Thompson, Brooke Dunemann, Charlee-Anne Ah Chee, Joelene Puntoriero, Tahls Lloyd, Latenzia Zenaida Grant, Justin Mallard, Keshia Clarke, Cindy Smith, Dylan Damon, Aileen Orrego Traynor, Dani Williams.

AUG 2014