stuart's Story

Myself and my son Ryan have recently completed the 75th Anniversary Tour – Buna – Kokoda – Owers Corner, with Escape Trekking Adventures, led by the amazing Shane Goodwin. Myself and Ryan met with Shane personally prior to signing up for the trek – I had so many questions and Shane took us out for a 2 hour trek to answer all my concerns regarding safety, fitness, etc.. The offer to meet up was typical of what I came to know Shane to be: fun, organised, and passionate about getting his clients across the track safely while providing in depth commentary on military operations that occurred along the track during the war – extremely educational. The trek was sensibly paced, the food was great and the porters were simply amazing (thanks Francis and Kevin – the Buna Boys!!). Shane keeps the size of the groups small, we had a group of 11, and we soon became good mates on the track. We passed other trekking companies on the track with 30 trekkers spreads over 2 kilometres – not good! Is it physically demanding – you bet! Do the physical prep work and be prepared to walk all day in mud and rain. Is it mentally demanding – no question! Be prepared to wear the same clothes for days on end! But DO KOKODA, it is a life changing trip and do it with Escape Trekking Adventures, they are the guys to choose to trek with – you won’t regret it.

SEP 2017