Scott's Story

With no direct military history in our family for over 100 years, around ANZAC day 2014, I was being drawn to talk about Kokoda, but I could not fathom why. To the extent, that I had to make the decision to ‘Do Kokoda’ on the next ANZAC day. 2015. Otherwise, I have no idea where I would be ‘going.’ My then fiance and I made the decision that we would get married upon my return. so the calendar went like this. Kokoda April 20-30, Get Married May 2, fly out to Europe for honeymoon 9:00pm May 2. Very extreme I know. Leading up to all of this, and even whilst away, we all joked that my fiance did not want me around in that last week before the wedding? And I also joked it was my personal bucks holiday!!! Anyway, from April 20 upon arrival in Port Moresby, I felt a solemness that I had never felt before. I felt at ease with being there. With the help of our amazing trek leader, I was learning so much more about each and every point of interest, and sometimes points of no interest, that I believed was possible,(about both sides). The brutality of the environment, and the decisions that were made, were constantly hitting me in the head like a lead balloon, but I still wanted to/need to know more.. The trek was arduous, and at times a true mental ‘battle’ thank god we had no one shooting at us… I now have a greater appreciation of what all of our military personnel put themselves through to allow me to live in a safe and peaceful environment. I have greater respect for the history that has been created by our military. Even now, some 13 months after my trek, I still ‘well up’ when I allow myself to drift in thought to when I was on Kokoda, and the feats that were explained to us, and the feats that we completed, in completing this pilgrimage.

APR 2015