Kim's Story

As you land in Popendatta your senses are assaulted by the heat, humidity and bustling environment of the locals. The vehicle ride to Kokoda is mind blowing as you seem to be crossing over river after river that the bridges have been decimated by floods. It is the start of the “how did they move equipment and men in this terrain?” moments that you will have on the track. During the track you will experience moments of pure utter hardship, moments of awe, moments of sadness and horror. Your body will be assaulted by the heat and humidity and your mind with be blown away by the vastness of the jungle and the the terrain. You will learn and experience about the locals and how they were instrumental in helping Australian soldiers. It will be hard, but you will realise how much harder our soldiers had it. They not only had to walk to track, they had to carry all their equipment, had little food and had people shooting at them. You will come away from the track with a sense of achievement, but what is greater is the understanding of the sacrifice, the courage, the endurance, the mateship that our diggers had then and still have today! It is an experience that will open you up and peel you right back to your core values and inner strength. It is one you will never forget and one we all need to remember. Lest we forget.

SEP 2015