Matt's Story

I fulfilled a long held aspiration in April of 2018, which was to complete the Kokoda Track. I was lucky enough to have chosen Our Spirit to guide me through this adventure.
The preparation for the trip was informative and structured with Kris in the office always available to answer any queries which most of the time consisted of myself asking random and illogical questions. Kris did a great job of calming my nerves and keeping my focus on the journey at hand. The self guided training program was very useful and by the time the trek had begun I felt confident that I was prepared for the experience physically.
The logistics of the trip also went smoothly in regards to travel, accommodation and insurance.
The trek itself was lead by Aidan who I could not speak highly enough of. His expertise and understanding of the historical, structural and cultural aspects of the Kokoda Track was worth the price of admission alone. His passion and respect for all of the people involved in the 1942 campaign was inspiring and encouraged all members of the trip to reflect on the sacrifices made.
A man of many talents Aidan was also a diplomat with the local elders, a first aid provider for our legends and an emotive story teller.
I chose to use a porter or “legend” as they are known which I highly recommend to enhance the enjoyment of the trip. They really look after you and are always there to look out for your safety. If you seem off balance a hand will suddenly appear to steady your feet. They do everything from cooking, setting up and building bridges with the idea being all you have to do is walk and enjoy the experience.
Despite the physical and mental challenges of the track, Our Spirit continued to provide me with a unique and enjoyable experience throughout the trip. If you are thinking about doing Kokoda then Our Spirit should be your first choice.

APR 2018