Dan's Story

No Roads Education Trek
​A Huge Success!
There is nothing more rewarding than volunteering …..
That is exactly what this No Roads Education group discovered.
At first, every adventure is always about ourselves and what we want from it. Then you realise that there are others out there amongst us that need our help. During World War 2, the Papuan New Guineans were there to help in Australia’s time of need.

​Affectionately known as the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels, they fought beside us and supported our Australian soldiers, carrying our sick and injured to safety. Now is their time of need. A developing country, PNG needs support and an improved standard of education is a vital key to helping them. This group of amazing people answered the call to help those living along the Kokoda Track, to provide help where it is needed most.
Currently in PNG, only 2% of students that begin school go onto to finish year 12. This shocking figure results in a poor literacy rate with only 60% of the adult population able to read and write. The statistics are worse in remote regions where there is limited access to support. No Roads Education gathered extensive data over the past 18 months to ensure that what was delivered met the identified needs of the teachers working in schools along the Kokoda Track. Coming through very clearly, professional development was identified as their greatest need. Through consultation with the teachers, No Roads Education designed a professional development program to address the needs specifically identified by the teachers. Needs that can be used and implemented in the schools straight away.

​For this program to be beneficial, No Roads Education needed teachers to deliver this professional development. Enter the amazingly talented Australian team – Anna, Cindy,
Hayley, Mina, Peter, Robyn, Ray and Dan. Eight professionals that wanted to be part of a volunteering holiday, generously giving their time to work in the schools with the
students and teachers, to improve the education and lives of the locals. Volunteer teachers who could deliver lessons, share new ideas and initiatives in real classroom
setting in this remote region of PNG. Volunteer teachers who had the passion to share their knowledge to improve the lives of others.

The team were welcomed with open arms into each communities and school that they visited, experiencing welcoming ceremonies that were fit for royalty, the best facilities
to stay in, and food cooked for us by the locals. Every village brought new surprises and there was never a down moment as people offered to take us on tours of the village and surroundings and share their world with us. There was laughter and big smiles from kids right through to the village elders, a sign of respect and appreciation for the
generosity of strangers who had now become friends. An amazing immersion in culture that could only be experienced by working with and living among the locals in these
remote communities.

It was one of those trips that you really just don’t want to end. At each school we visited, the teachers wanted us to stay longer. The children were keen to keep playing
games and activities with us. Clearly, a lasting impression was made by the amazing No Roads Education team and vice versa. Memories were made, friendships were formed and the No Roads Education wheel was set in motion – now it’s full steam ahead in delivering sustainable education solutions to the people of PNG.

​A trip that was successful beyond our wildest expectations.

Daniel Hogarth

OCT 2016