Luke's Story

I have always wanted to do kokoda but always felt I wasn’t capable of committing myself to the training and to shed the weight to accomplish this goal but it was indeed possible. I made the changes to my lifestyle and just went hard out on the training over the last 12 months starting at 92kg shedding 20kgs down to 70kg in preparation for my crossing of the Kokoda track in April this year.

This opportunity to complete the track was presented to me by NSW Police Legacy to do alongside serving emergency services personnel . I became involved in this organization after Losing my dad (who served with the NSW Police for 22 years) 8 years ago to heart complications

Completing Kokoda to me was a special way to honor my dad’s memory and I knew he was watching my every move giving me the guidance from the start of my training to crossing the archway at Owers Corner. I will hold on to this memory until the day I die.

After completing the track all that was done was put into perspective as I had the special opportunity to attend the Anzac Day Dawn Service at Bomana War Cemetery to pay respect for those young men who fought for the freedom we have today.

Looking back after six months have passed since completing the track , I never stop thinking about the experience. I had the best time , although it was rough, got struck down with trench foot , gastro outbreak and lack of sleep none of those factors ruined the experience and I know my dad would be extremely proud of me for undertaking such a challenge and completing it to the best of my ability.

APR 2016