Robert's Story

I’ve always had an understanding of the Kokoda campaign and what the Australian soldiers achieved on the track, but it wasn’t until I was physically there that I could actually appreciate the hardships of what the soldiers went through. Standing at Eora Creek looking up at the vertical escarpment covered in dense jungle bordered by a fast flowing river – ‘and you want me to assault up it against entrenched Japanese machine guns?’ That for me was a real moment of disbelief and awe.

Commemorating the 75th anniversary of the battle on Anzac Day at Bomana War Cemetery will also stick with me. The opportunity to thank our boys for their service amongst 3500+ war dead was truly humbling and moving. We were lucky to hear so many individual stories throughout the duration of our journey, but I often find myself wondering about those untold stories, the ones that will never be told…

APR 2017