Jenna's Story

My advise to anyone – 100% #TotesAchievable #KokodaKeen

I just got back to Australia 2 days ago after finishing one of the best bush hike adventures I have ever done, the Kokoda Trail. I was fortunate enough to complete the trail through a reputable company called BackTrack Adventures.

Now, before I write my review about my experience at Kokoda, I will say that I spent some hours researching online a variety of different tour operators and trekker reviews, I even had a good long stalk of the trek leaders for BackTrack and others and I have to say that my expectations set for this trip were pretty high prior to arriving into PNG, given all of my research for BackTrack was so positive (including the camping food menu).

I was very curious for a lot of reasons and was continually bugging the staff pre-Kokoda about things like, gear to take, food on the track (Gluten Free), and the payments by instalments… I gave myself only 12 weeks to train for Kokoda and 9 weeks to fundraise a minimum $4,000 for my charity, pay for the trekking expenses (about $6,000) and buy all of the required equipment for the trip, plus medical costs pre PNG – I was spending a lot of money… I mostly dealt with Kylie and Claire before leaving, with organising all of my payments and of course on the trek met with John Shea and the company owner, Jim at the end of our trek – All very genuine people.

Luckily, as it happened, the food on the trek was actually amazing. Better than expected to be honest. The people along the way are super friendly and I have to say, I felt very much looked after and safe along the track – and safety is paramount… The Boys (crew) are so accommodating, entertaining, kind, and generous with their efforts to look after us. The tent size is great for one person and stuff, and the continual stopping for rest breaks meant that this journey was totally achievable for everyone.

I am more than impressed by the care, quality and hospitality of the back track crew in fact, I am usually pretty tough but became really emotional at the finish line and actually cried saying goodbye to our wonderful porters and also was so bloody stoked and emotional to have completed the track.

16 trekkers, 1 trekking walking leader, 1 trekking group leader, 1 trekking staff leader and 25 staff / porters / cooks / angels – We all made it to the end and enjoyed a yummy lunch on arrival – met by Jim!

The highlight for the trip will definitely be the service we were a part of on Brigade Hill, for Remembrance Day – That was so special.

Very heart warming and special hike I will never forget. Will recommend BackTrack Adventures to others 100%

NOV 2016