Barry's Story

Before undertaking this trek, I had read about the track and the anticipated difficulties of the steep inclines and declines, along with mud. Nonetheless, I was keen to take on the adventure for the challenge and to honour our Aussie Diggers and the fabulous Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels.

Apart from continuing my normal fitness regime, I joined a bush walking club, which proved to be the best preparation for the trek.

The Kokoda track was fantastic. It had it all. Steep inclines to test you physically. Steep declines to test your concentration and in between beautiful rainforests and views over outstanding valleys and mountain ranges. Turn another corner and there are creeks, rivers and then a village.

The ultimate advice from my personal porter was to take small steps and step where he has stepped. With that approach every climb and descent was achievable and they (porters) were always there to help, if required.

Having a small group of only 3 trekkers, we had the fantastic opportunity to get to know the porters and interact as a group, learning about their lives as porters and when they were living in their village near the track. We even met some of their family members at different times along the track, which was great.

It is one thing to read and hear about what transpired between the Australian and Japanese forces. But to be there, see the actual locations and view the terrain they had to contend with, just puts it all into perspective.

An additional benefit organised by our guide was to have the time and the chance to interact with locals at two of the larger villages, being Menari and Kagi. The interaction with the children, the schools and some of the parents was just fabulous.

A big thank you to Arthur and his team of porters. The entire team was fantastic and they even agreed to sing us some of their favourite songs. What a treat!

Thanks Kokoda Trail Expeditions.

AUG 2016