Simon 's Story

This is my letter to Kokoda Trekking

Dear Nathen and Gal,

I apologise it has taken me a few weeks to write to you, I have been quiet busy since I returned from PNG…..

Over many years we have talked to so many people who have completed the track, it soon became apparent we were putting a significant amount of faith and trust into the picking the right tour company…. we asked every question possible and we relied heavily there on recommendation to make a qualified decision for the company we would eventually book with…. So many question had to be answered; are they a reputable company, are we in safe hands, will we have good guides, is there sufficient information, food, water how are we going to get out of there if we get hurt or something serious happens how will we get out…… you were recommended highly through a client of mine, they weren’t wrong……. After hearing and reading all the trackers stories and blogs and as we pasted other companies on the track I soon we realised that we were in very safety and capable hands….. There is no doubt we had the best group……

We past other companies on the track, most of them appeared to have a segregation within their group…… Our team was great, they were laughing, singing, whistling telling jokes the whole time, it was this attitude that set the trend for the whole treck making this an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

Ivan my porter is a phenomenal person….. He knew every part of the track, his general knowledge of the areas and history was amazing. I was inspired how he knew exactly where I was at both physically and mentally at all times, I’m convinced he listened and my every foot step, my breathing and would stop for a break before I could even get the works out…..

Clemet; he is a great asset to your company whom I have the utmost respect and admiration for, he hold the respect of his whole team and without a doubt he defiantly went over and above for what was required to make us feel comfortable whilst looking after his fellow workers. His general knowledge of the track and the history surrounding it was exactly what I was looking for. The care and sincerity he showed towards my father at our time in need was exceptional, the situation was handled swiftly and professionally…

The hardest decision I had ever make in my life was say good bye to my father at the Browning River and continue on by myself for the next 4 days with your guys.……… Dad sustained an injury which required a medical emergency via airlift to Port Moresby……. The decision was made a little more easy via all your porters conduct; they were compassionate, understanding and they had our best interest at heart the whole time, they exhibited a general admiration toward my father and myself and we were put first the whole time, even when we stopped for meal the catered to our needs before tendering to there’s…….. the communication between your group was amazing both in PNG and back home, Gal was always checking up to see how we were going and continually monitored us as we trekked, Clemet even took the time out his daily schedule to visit my father in hospital at least 4-5 a day, and was more than generous accommodating when he left the hospitable and stayed with him. On the last night of the tour I found out that one of our porters injured his collar bone as he dived to catch my father as he fell this was carried the whole journey without even a word or a gesture….Very very admirable…

I guess everyone has there would have their own story to tell……. I have so much more to share but in essence mine was eventful and an exceptional experience that I will never forget ………… I guess it’s only those who have completed this journey who truly understand what it takes both physically and mentally and to think we weren’t even being shot at or malnourished like our forefather’s.

On behalf on my father, I sincerely thank you and your team for everything minute and moment we shared with your company whilst we were on the track and whilst my father was in your care….. We would recommend you to anyone, your company is exceptional and outstanding to say the least and we feel as though will be forever in your debt…! I have run many small business over the years.. I know firsthand how hard it is to develop a good team and yours is brilliant…..!!!

AUG 2014