Samantha's Story

I was very fortunate to be ask to be a Supervisor on this amazing experience through the Police & Community Youth Club where we took a group of young teens from Huonville and Bridgewater for a 7day trek at first it was a big shock I had no idea how I was going to go as lots of people had said it was going to be tough, although I am always up for a challenge to better myself yes it was indeed tough but with the support from one another and determination anyone can accomplish this great achievement.

Day one was the big eye opener i had never experienced anything like it. I knew once I had pushed through each day we were getting closer to Kokoda and the villages were getting more and more beautiful to look at. By day 7 we all had our almost running shoes on as we were that keen to see those Kokoda arches. It’s not until you go on the trek that you actually realise how hard it would have been to fight a war in PNG and how much the Fuzzy Wuzzy’s had helped our Australian soldiers.

All the porters and the families of the porters we met on the trek were such nice, funny, thoughtful people that got along really well with everyone and they certainly helped keep everyone having a good time on the trek. My porter Kevin was very helpful and was willing to help anyone that needed help, always had a good laugh with good old Kev. I found it hard to say goodbye to these people that I had form a friendship with.

I am so glad to have had this experience as i have learnt a lot about myself and have become a much stronger person and am more motivated to get out and about and explore. I really appreciate all the efforts that Craig had put in to make this experience happen for the teens and us Supervisors and Byron for also giving me the opportunity and believing i could do this. It’s not everyday you can say you have been on the Kokoda Trail! :)

JUL 2016