Sharon's Story

I trekked Kokoda in 2008 with two other people. My husband and another guy plus one guide and two porters. We carried our own gear. We started from Owers Corner and finished at Kokoda. We did it in 3.5 days, the first ever Kokoda Express and we did not know how long it would take. It was a life-changing trip. I fully understood what the diggers went through at every point of the trail. How hard they fought and the terrible conditions that they had to endure. I met the locals and saw how simple their lives are, how little they have and how happy they are. I went home and purged our home of all of the excess belongings that we had accumulated over the years. From this experience, I realised that I was capable of far more than I believed. I went on to become an ultra-distance runner and since Kokoda I have done over 30 ultra events. I have another 100 miler coming up and then a 240 miler in Moab, Utah in October this year. Without having done Kokoda I might never have realised that I am capable of so much more. When the going gets tough on an event I reflect back to how hard the diggers had it and it lifts me out of a negative mindset. I am honoured to have been to PNG and done the trek. I truly honour those who did the trek, under fire and attack at every step along the way. It was the most amazing adventure and I would love for my kids ( adults ) to one day take on the challenge.

SEP 2008