Christine's Story

I’m middle aged and not all that fit, but my husband and I completed a section of the Kokoda track last month. It didn’t take long to realise how slippery and difficult the track was, when my husband did a perfect cartwheel down a ridge and sprained his ankle. It was one of those slow motion events that you watch but can’t do anything about. I slipped more often than I walked and was soon covered in mud, with my heart set to explode out of my chest. But neither of us were going to stop or turn back. We kept thinking of the men 70 years ago who walked the same track, heavily loaded with equipment and on constant vigil for enemies. What an incredible effort in such unforgiving country. You can read all you like about those events but to actually experience it and feel the effort needed, is quite another thing. It is an experience that doesn’t leave you… ever.

APR 2016