Lisa's Story

I headed off on Kokoda with 3 of my closest friends for a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I was anxious, excited and overwhelmed before starting, but as soon as we met the rest of the trekkers and were introduced to our amazing team leaders and porters from South Sea Horizons, I felt ready. It was challenging but not impossible. I loved the climbs but despised the declines due to fear of slipping or falling. But my porter, Dick, was very patient and was always there when I needed him. Even on a slight slip I felt the supportive hand on my pack immediately uprighting me. Our group of 9 trekkers became family and we were always supporting each other which kept our spirits high.
Each night our beautiful porters and food handlers sung to us which made me feel at home and cared for. Our historian, Gibson, was extremely knowledgeable and shared stories along the way. The enormity of what the diggers went through really hit home and at times I could not even comprehend how they got through. The support the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels provided to the diggers was phenomenal. They were their lifeline. They were there throughout the journey with our troops and their help will never ever be forgotten. It was very special that our porters were all direct descendants of the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels and on their shirts they proudly had a photo of the last surviving Angel.
Overall it was an amazing experience and would recommend it to anyone interested in this area of our Aussie history. I highly recommend completing it with South Sea Horizons due to their love, support and traditional touches to the trek.

JUN 2018