Jenny 's Story

Literally and figuratively breathtaking!
What an amazing 11 days in PNG with 8 days trekking the Kokoda Track from Kokoda to Owers Corner. I am so thankful we trekked with South Sea Horizons as all the guides and porters are direct descendants of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels and they live in Villages along the track enabling us to meet their families and see how they live. Our Historian, Barnabus told us of not only the many documented occurrences during the conflict, but he also shared with us many undocumented stories he had been told by his Father and Grandfather.
We had a fantastic group of 16 people from BodyChange Bootcamp in Mornington Victoria. Our ages ranged from 21 to 73 and we were all looked after extremely well by our personal porters, our food porters, guides and historian.
I would love to do it again from Owers Corner to Kokoda!

JUN 2018