Aidan's Story

As we walked out the main doors of the Port Moresby airport. We all knew, this was actually it. For the 6 months prior, we had been training for this day, and it was finally here.

As soon as I set foot in Papua New Guinea, I was in a different world. I’d never being overseas before, going to a place like this was truly significant. In our last day in civilization for 7 nights, we savored the last of; beds, air conditioning, dinning areas, toilets and WIFI. The next day we flew to the village of Kokoda and we began. Along the trail there were various significant areas and memorial’s. The largest one was at Isurava which was a significant point in the war for the Australians.

The walking itself was very tiring but was always different everyday. Some days it would be muddy, others incredibly steep, most of the time it was both. The porters were all amazing people and I definitely would never of made it without them. While we were all having a hard time, they were just walking in sandals and had the hip straps of there packs undone.

Overall, the walk will be one of my deeply cherished memories that I will carry throughout the rest of my life, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone if they have the opportunity. You will never regret it.

SEP 2016