Mark's Story

When my wife and I decided after our 2012 trek that we wanted to go back again we decided we wanted to do something for the people along the track so we founded Trek 4 Education. This was my 4th time back and my wife’s 3rd.

So again on September 9 we arrive back in Kokoda with 10 of our friends who joined us for this special customised 11 day 10 night trek to pay back a little of debt Australians owe these wonderful and beautiful people who live along the Kokoda track for helping our diggers, and helping us trekkers.

My fitness was not 100% struggling with a back injury all year I was not able to train as hard as the previous years, so I hired a personal porter, he was worth every kina! Greg was a young man from Kagi who spoke great English and he was awesome!

T4E raised over $9000.00 and after costs for transport etc. we were able to deliver $6000.00 AUD of educational items into the schools, it was a great success.

Yes all 12 of us struggled but the porters were always there for us and us for them when they needed first aid, we had a great group. Many times “man down” was yelled out when someone slipped or fell, and you could hear the giggles and laughter from those who fell and those around them. Food was bloody awesome, the menu is nutritional and yummy!

On PNG’s Independence day, I saw my first wild toucan sitting high in a tree and in the background an Australian Blackhawk chopper was flying back and forth from Moresby to the north coast, we did yell out to the chopper for a lift but they never saw us lol.

As always Mother Nature threw what she could at us, we had hot days, plenty of rain and cool nights, would not have it any other way.

Will we go back again, who knows? But I do know I have made many friends during my treks, but the friendships I cherish the most are the porters, these guys will give you the shirt of their back if you needed it, and at the end of the trek you are giving them yours along with what every else you can spare, but you will never have enough to give them to really say thank you for what they do for you.

Yes it is hard, it is not an easy road but it is worth every tear, every ache and every drop of sweat, bloody awesome!

SEP 2014