Michelle's Story

I will never forget the feeling of finishing the most mental and physically challenging experience of my life.
We trekked through 96km of jungle, following the footsteps of those that fought for our country some 75 years earlier, and learnt history from the most passionate and knowledgable man I have ever listened to on the history of Kokoda, David Howell.
Those mountains were steep, we had so so so much rain, but the bond and strength of the group and the support and strength from the porters made the whole adventure amazing, mind blowing, unforgettable and just so rewarding.
Mud, fear, blisters, determination, blood, sweat and tears are part of my story, my link to history, my experience trekking Kokoda.
I was taken fully out of my comfort zone. I am a motels person all the way. I am not a fan of mother nature and all its friends. I really don’t do exercise, all though I do try sometimes. I like to be able to use clean amenities with hot water and a toilet I can flush. I like to cross bridges where I can’t see through them and walk along paths that are concrete with out the high grass. I like to be able to see stable surface on both sides of where I walk, not on one side and the other just a drop. I like to holiday where I can relax, maybe have a drink by a pool.
After not having any of this whilst trekking Kokoda, I have to say that I would do this 96km jungle trek all over again and would recommend it in a heart beat to anyone.

OCT 2017