Ben 's Story

I expected the trek to be extremely challenging but at the same time I didn’t know the details of how I would be challenged.
My personal porter was amazing. He shadowed me the entire trip and without me saying anything, noticed I was concerned about my knee and was patiently guiding me down the extremely slippery and muddy descents. Ben was attentive to anything I needed and always made sure I was prepared before we left each day. Although being half my size, he carried double my backpack in weight while trying to guide me at the same time; moreover he always did it with a big smile. He is exactly what I imagined a Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel would be like in the war and I wish I could give more back to him.
3 Highlights of the Tour
1. Being part of a great team (7 trekkers, 7 personal porters, 5 food porters)
2. Building a relationship with my personal porter
3. Learning about the history of the track

I felt just as safe, if not even safer then if I was back home in Australia or in Hong Kong.

AUG 2016