David's Story

ANZAC Day 2016
I toured with Aiden and the Our Spirit Team which completely focused on the real meaning of the Kokoda Track; the ‘fuzzy wuzzy angels’ (legends), The ANZAC’s, the sacrifice and the intestinal fortitude of so many brave men and women. Kokoda was about the chance for me to learn about my brave descendants and meet the famous descendants who helped my family survive. It is just an added bonus that this took place in one of the most amazing backdrops on Earth.

I trekked with a group of amazing people from across Australia who all had their own, indivdual amazing stories. The Our Spirit team had me completely prepared for the journey however; Aiden’s daily history briefings on the track made the experience one I will never forget. Not once did a person in our group make the journey about themselves and that was led from the front, on the back of Aiden’s personal example.

I have attended ANZAC Day dawn services for a many years including multiple states across Australia and internationally, including multiple on the front line in the Middle East. This year I was in awe of my surroundings as I participated in the service at Bomana War Cemetery, Port Moresby. Surrounded by the 3824 Commonwealth burials as well as the hundreds of people that turned out to show support, was most humbling and an opportunity that I am truly blessed to have been a part of.

I am truly grateful to have been offered the opportunity to be a part of the 2016 Kokoda Trek an encourage you all to consider it in the future. I have met new friends that I will have forever.

‘Their name liveth forever more – Lest we forget.’
David Mitchell

APR 2016