Kylie's Story

I was feeling all sorts of emotions, good and bad, when I signed up to hike the Kokoda Track. I had no idea what to expect and was wondering if my legs would actually get me to the finishing arches. The week before my departure my Dad told me that my Great Aunt, who was a Nurse, had looked after the injured soldiers in PNG and she was “a bit of a legend” with the soldiers, so then I was even more determined to hike the Track. It definitely was challenging in so many ways but I completed it and I did it with an amazing bunch of people who are now my mates. I was blown away by the team spirit and the caring for each other. I absolutely loved this part of it. But I also was and always will be in awe of what the soldiers went through on the Track in the Campaign … this touched me incredibly. Is up there with one of the most wonderful experiences of my life so far … I will never forget it!

JUL 2016