Adam's Story

It can be very hard to find just the right words to describe it, yet justify how amazing some experiences can be.
I recently returned from my Kokoda experience with Ollie and six others trekkers.
We had stunning weather which allowed me to admire the beauty of the “Kokoda Track” and take some HD footage that I’ll treasure forever. To understand, even to a small degree, what the soldiers of war during the Kokoda Campaign had to endure carrying over 50 Kgs on their backs and a rifle at the ready can be very difficult while trekking this unforgiving terrain.
We were so well taken care of by Ollie and all our Porters. They made it very enjoyable and I couldn’t believe the history Ollie had for us at numerous checkpoints throughout each and every day. How he remembers it all I’ll never know…
If you’re looking at an Adventure second to none, a journey that will test any hiker experienced or not, a destination that does not come without its endurance, fatigue and the mental strength required, then you need to make contact with Ollie and Billy and discuss this further.

I returned from my Kokoda experience felling more accomplished than any previous undertaking of my life.

Thank you Ollie and Billy for the most memorable tribute to the men who saved our country.

Many Thanks

JUN 2017