Nathan's Story

My husband and son completed the Kokoda Trail in Sept 2016 with Australian Kokoda Tours and had an amazing experience. Leading up to the trek I was especially worried about my 15 year old son Zach being able to do the trek and must have phoned Mick or Nicole in the office on a weekly basis with crazy questions. I’m sure I seemed like a crazy mumma bear but on every phone call and every question I asked I was made to feel at totally at ease, confident and supported that he would be fine and Kokoda was safe.
My husband and son both really appreciated the group training hikes before they left Australia and felt confident that their own training and fitness was sufficient in being able to complete the trek. We were given plenty of honest and valuable advice on training and preperation requirements as well as the equipment and clothing we needed to purchase.

The boys had a very wet and muddy 8 days even having to divert for a mud slide but always felt very supported and confident with the png porters that helped them along. Turns out I had nothing to worry about with my son enjoying the trek, he loved every aspect of it and the first words out of his mouth when he got off the plane was “It was awesome, I’m going again” and thanks to having such a fantastic experience with Mick and the porters he is off to trek Kokoda again with school in 3 months.
I have heard so many stories from my husband and son about the trek and every single one has been positive and some very funny. They enjoyed the fun of the fines system each night for silly misdemeanors, and both really enjoyed the educational history aspect of Kokoda. They both come home richer in knowledge about our history and feeling great about themselves for completing the trek. According to my husband, Mick’s knowledge and experience of the Kokoda Trail is outstanding and we would not hesitate to recommend Australian Kokoda Tours to anybody.
Thank you for a rewarding experience that will stay with both my husband and son for their lifetime.

SEP 2016