Sonja's Story

Walking the Kokoda Track was really one of the best experiences of my life. Not only because of the personal challenge it presents, but also because of the appreciation trekkers gain of the hardship, suffering, courage and ultimate sacrifice made by thousands of Australian Diggers.
Australian Kokoda Tours is more than just a tour company. They bring to life not only the stories of the Diggers, but also the Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels who were pivotal in the ultimate success achieved by the relentless Aussie soldiers. They honour them each morning with a war cry, remember them at multiple memorial sites and honour their mateship by rewarding the mateship shown amongst the trekkers whilst walking the Track.
I would recommend Australian Kokoda Tours to anyone seeking an authentic and insightful experience of the Kokoda Track.
I walked the Kokoda Track last year and loved it so much I’ll be back there doing it again with Australian Kokoda Tours and all the boys! I can’t wait

JAN 2017