Bradley's Story

Kokoda was definitely one of the hardest challenges I have ever experienced! Being apart of the trek was for sure the most eye opening experiences seeing how the village people lived, with so little and seeing them still manage to get by. From having barely any clothes, food and not much facilities to be kept healthy and clean. Also seeing how the locals lived defiantly changed how I see how fortunate and privileged I am to be able to endeavour the Kokoda Trail and lucky we all are to be who we are.

Our first day on the track was defiantly the hardest day on the trek especially it being one of my first overseas trips. The first day was very hot and sticky walking through slippery mud and us trying not to fall over all the time. The scenery was like nothing I’ve ever seen before it was something ill never ever forget seeing the kids play with what ever they could find learning, and showing each other new things. Within the first day we all seen something we would never forget our most toughest trekker got really sick from not drinking enough water making him hit a huge wall causing him to vomit all of his food up and nearly made him be air vacated off the trail, that was one of the most toughest thing for everyone to see as we all thought he wouldn’t make it to the end.

Everyday was definitely was a new experience and faced us with new challenges, having these challenges thrown at us was one of the best things making us realise that what we were doing was nothing compared to our past soldiers that had to fight and carry ammunition and artillery guns through the dense and harsh jungle. In our trip we experienced a bug that had hit our strongest people causing them to feel very nauseous and ill as they stayed stronger and kept pushing through the trek. Every day someone was getting sick and they stayed strong and kept pushing no matter how hard it was they did it which was one of the best things I’ve ever seen, our group was very helpful displaying the Kokoda Trail Values; Courage, Sacrifice, Mateship and Endurance. All of these values were displayed throughout the trip.

One of the most greatest things that happened on the trip will defiantly be the relationships formed with the students and teachers making all of us come together as a team working together and encouraging each other to keep pushing on and on to the finish and helping each other to the finish.

AUG 2016