Peter's Story

Kokoda was one of the best experiences of my life. Australian Kokoda Tours don’t change a thing. I felt it was very well organised which left us with nothing to do but enjoy the journey , We had the pleasure of having Nigel as our Australian guide and he did a fantastic job ,he kept us well informed of the history of the trail and he did a great job of fitting in with us all , so much so that it felt as though he was one of us most of the time . The local guides were also extremely helpful and friendly and were happy to have a chat and offer up information whenever asked especially Mudman our lead guide. I Loved the tradition styled huts we got to stay in especially the thatched roofed ones. Joe our head guide was telling us how much work they were to maintain but they give the places that authentic charm. And I enjoyed the extra mate-ship it created sharing a floor with so many blokes most of which I hardly knew. I think it was the huts on Joes family land straddling the creek with and the bridge lashed together with next to nothing else than stuff they had dragged out of the bush ‘that site was most magnificent “. I had not expected the scenery as a whole to be so spectacular. It was amazing to get to see the people in the villages living a traditional lifestyle. The food was great and the facilities although they were primitive they were charming.

JUL 2016