Brett 's Story

I trekked the Kokoda track in 2008, it was the most amazing thing I have done. I loved the people (other hikers and PNG porters). The country was beautiful, I loved arriving at the villages at the end of the day, the villagers were great and friendly. And the feeling of accomplishment when we walked into Kokoda township was amazing.
One story comes to mind is, it was June and we finished the track and went to the village of Buna. It was state of origin time and the game was one that night. Apart from the guest house the other person to have a tv put the game on. It was a small, fuzzy black & while tv. The whole village came to watch, ( I had a little PNG boy on my knee cheering for Queensland). We could hardy see the tv or what was on it, it was more like just listening to it. But it was the best and memorable state of origin game I have ever watched. ( The maroons won too).
Overall doing the Kokoda track was the best thing I’ve done.

JUN 2008