Paul's Story

I’ve wanted to walk Kokoda for several years, mainly with my fascination for WW2 and the infamy of Kokoda in Australian war history.

In 2014 I started The Blue Tutu Project to raise awareness about and challenge the social stigma of mental illness.

When the opportunity to combine both in an effort to fundraise for beyondblue and raise awareness about mental illness I jumped at the chance. I managed to inspire 3 friends to join me and we teamed up to make a difference and experience the Kokoda Track.

We were told that traversing the Kokoda Track would have more than just a physical effect upon us. It certainly did. Personally it was one of the most physical, mental and emotional experiences of my life.

The team in which we would make the trek came together as individuals and finished as great friends. Jim (our trek leader) was an amazing individual, who treated us like old friends and made the experience all the better for his knowledge and enthusiasm.

Some of the experiences and stories we will be for sharing with the world, others we will keep for ourselves. They will remain part of a personal connection between four guys (and the rest of the team) who set out to raise awareness and a few bucks, for something that is important to each of us, and judging from the support we received, for many others as well.

APR 2016